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Wedding DJ

Award-Winning Bollywood DJ Celebrity At Your Wedding

Everybody wants high-quality entertainment and everlasting memories at the wedding. As a result, they prefer to hire the best wedding DJ. The word DJ automatically generate the image like a big music setup, prominent speaker, gathering dance and a celebration. Officially, DJ Shadow Dubai names as the Bollywood DJ because of producing Bohemia, Sean Paul, Badshah, and many other celebrities. Those who love the music and want the top DJ for marriage then choose only DJ Shadow Dubai. He wins the Best Asian DJ award in 2015 and 2012.

Having the sharp ear for listening to the music is the essential part of attending the DJ Shadow Dubai party. Definitely, music rock the whole party. The track list includes Indian music as well as western singer songs. His first collaboration is the worldwide remixes of your favorites singer like Arijit Singh, Hardy Sandhu, Diljit Dosanjh, and Jazzy B.

Wedding DJ

Energetic Performance collaboration

DJ Shadow Dubai has a high remixing skill that brings the active performance experience for wedding DJ. While visiting his site, you can enjoy the live broadcasstit service. Furthermore, many celebrities perform with DJ shadow Dubai such as the Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer sing and many other celebrities.

The most shocking thing about the DJ Shadow Dubai is his voice also famous on the national airways such as Emirates Airline for entertaining people. It’s like entertainment comes in its peak like 200 aircraft. His name is also included in the Guinness Book of World Record. Additionally, the soundtrack also used in many Bollywood movies in which include Aashiqui 2.

Famous Collection

The collection of DJ Shadow Dubai is not going to end for the wedding. Move your body is the feather line that is written in his cap. There are much unique collaboration as well as famous singer songs like the Badshah and Sean Paul. In the Asian Market, the success rate of DJ is quite less than our thoughts, but the DJ Shadow Dubai boosted his name and reinstated the position of numero uno are the reason of a famous musician. He is a single personality, who hit the Global market as well as DJ for marriage. In other words, he put his name in the list of Asian market as a great DJ musician. Aja Ni Aja is the most awaited song that reminds the Bohemia.

Most Demanded DJ

Indeed, it is true that famous celebrities always demanded high. DJ Shadow Dubai is still remembered as the versatile DJ that has to gain the popularity in the nightclub and pool parties. Currently, he is the resident of Cirque Le Soir, Dubai such as Cavalli, Studio F, Studio F and People by Crystal. He is an artist, songwriter, award-winning producer, and a famous wedding DJ. He provides the DJ service in club, events, wedding, parties, corporates, Bollywood parties and corporate sector. His motto is love, enjoy and music because he wanted to produce the value of DJ for marriage.


"DJ Shadow Dubai is Amazing! I can never forget that DJ at my wedding. He made us enjoy the Moments and we all were dancing like crazy!!!"

Neha Sharma, Dubai

"Was the best DJ Night we ever had at our Company. The video screens, blasts of smoke and tiny bits of paper added to the fun experience and we danced the night away!"

Aalika Banerji, Sydney

"Best Bollywood DJ in the country! He sure knows how to bring the house down."

Sarjit Singh, Hyderabad

"When there is TOP track selection, there is DJ Shadow Dubai"

Ridhi Pawar, Delhi

"Thank you to Shadow for making our wedding a great time. The dance floor was lit up, thorough out!"

Ridhi Pawar, Delhi

"Never have had such positive comments from the guests at any of my events. Shadow is just superb."

Ridhi Pawar, Goa

"I cannot believe the visual sets he pulls off while DJing. It's incredible!"

Ridhi Pawar, Kolkata

"Love the songs that DJ Shadow has produced, especially 'Move your Body' & 'Aaja Ni Aaja'. The crowd goes bonkers when I drop them into my sets"

Ridhi Pawar, Udaipur

"Love the songs that DJ Shadow has produced, especially 'Move your Body' & 'Aaja Ni Aaja'. The crowd goes bonkers when I drop them into my sets"

Ridhi Pawar, Mumbai

"High energy, high intensity, Shadow is amazing!"

Ridhi Pawar, Dubai

"His 'Shadow Experience' is on another level of entertainment."

Ridhi Pawar, Jaipur